When Is The Best Time To Apply Fall Fertilizer?

The quality of the soil determines in a fairly large proportion the plants ` aspect and growth. The soil needs great attention throughout the year. It must be watered and fertilized, cleaned and cared for permanently, so that it provides your crops all the nutrients they need. Any gardener, be it beginner or experienced, knows that in order to have a beautiful garden the next year, you have to take care of the soil in the autumn.

Applying fall fertilizer is necessary, no matter how rich the soil is. Plants need fertilizers not only at the surface of the soil but also for their roots. Nutrient elements influence the growth and development of vegetables and ornamental plants, fruit trees and shrubs. Fall is the best time to concentrate on those brown spots in the grass and apply fertilizer and seed to make them green for Spring. Vegetables are the most demanding in terms of nutrients, and, at the same time, they are depleting the soil rapidly in the context of high production on the surface unit.

Soil fertilization is essential in the fall as it replenishes all the nutrients and minerals that have been consumed during the summer. Specialists advise that basic fertilization must be done right after the digging and plowing. You can use a poorly soluble mineral fertilizer or a semi-compound organic fertilizer.

A second fertilization is required when planting the new crops, so that the nutrients can help plants grow quickly and harmoniously.

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