Yard Work Tasks To Take Care Of Before Winter

To ensure that your yard will survive in the cold season, consider taking some measures in advance.

Protect the alleys, fences and other exterior structures. Regardless the material they are made from (wood, stone or composite), exterior elements need your attention to remain in good shape during the winter. When it comes to decks, cobblestone pavements and fences, autumn is the ideal time to work on providing them some extra protection against low temperatures and moisture. Autumn is also a great time to check any other problems in your yard, such as sick trees, or rotten roots that may cause additional problems and damage during the cold season, if you take no action.

Paint the wooden surfaces. The deck and other wooden surfaces and elements require annual maintenance. Applying a special paint will protect them from rot, mold and dirt, preventing degradation.

Pay attention to your outdoor furniture. If possible, move the outdoor furniture indoors. However, if you must keep it out, clean the pieces with an oxygen-based solution, then cover them with sheets of waterproof materials.

Protect the lawn. If you want to have a healthy green lawn in the spring, you must not neglect it in the cold season. Apply a fertilizer from https://www.revive.com/ and make the last mowing at the end of the fall, before the first frost and, during the winter, pay attention for any signs of lawn diseases, such as the snow mold, and take the required measures.

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